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Function at the Junction James Boy’s Nor Cal CB Radio Break 2015

11/29/2015 6:09:35 AM

The long awaited Function at the Junction video is now available. http://www.rhythmmatters.org/store/w/id/13/c/1/t/Videos/n/The%20Function%20at%20the%20Junction/details.asp

This video has been professionally filmed, edited, and produced to a printed DVD and full Jacket.

Full 1080HD definition. Show it on yours or your friends flat screen without waiting for the High Definition video to stream online.

This DVD comes complete with full credits to the James Boy’s 11 Meters Radio Club along with full credits to our sponsors and attendees.

The Great thing about having your own DVD is the ability to get quick access to the video in 1080HD quality. Share with your friends and family.

Help support our CB Break and purchase yours today!! Go to Rhythm Matters dot Org.

Filmed, edited, and produced by Nor Cals Hobby Dave #28 of the James Boy’s at Rhythm Matters Studios. Questions call 707-483-4792.

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